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  • Plastic Film Machines

    blown film lines are downward extrusion water quenched universal application film lines to produce various combinations of PP and PE grades tailored to customer's specific requirements.

    Plastic Film Machines
  • Plastic Film Machines

    These lines are extremely energy efficient and give optimum production rate which makes investment to installed capacity ratio much favorable.

    Plastic Film Machines
  • Plastic Film Machines - Rajoo

    At Rajoo the metamorphosis was quick. It all began in 1986 and the last 25 years have witnessed the transformation of a modest beginning in a relatively unknown town of Manavadar ( Junagadh) in Gujarat to an expansive global footprint with offices in India and overseas with partners world-over. Well-known in global circles as a mature and respected organisation with a zeal for quality, price consciousness and latest in extrusion technology, Rajoo comes with the right blend of experience, expertise and excellence.

    Plastic Film Machines
  • Plastic Film Machines - Applications

    The lines are capable to process LD, LLD, HD, PP and EVA. For narrow width bags a twin die-head downward extrusion blown film line is also offered to produce narrow width PP bags for grocery packaging application.

    Plastic Film Machines Applications
  • Plastic Film Machines - Applications
    • > Metal Packaging Films
    • > Liquid Packaging Films
    • > Green House Films
    • > Geomembrane Films
    • > Milk & Water Pouch Films
    • > Polyamide Films
    • > Silage Films
    • > Sterilisable Films
    • > UV Stabilized Pellet
    Applications of Plastic Film Machines
  • Plastic Film Machines - Manufacturing & Exports

    Rajoo now enjoys successful & satisfied customer base of monolayer blown film line in 56 countries across the globe. The Company's machines exports to as far as, Colombia, Ecuador & Mexico in Latin America, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan & Uganda in East Africa, Ghana & Nigeria in West Africa, Angola, Lesotho, Namibia & Zambia in South Africa, Iran, Kuwait, & U.A.E. in the Gulf. Rajoo has also witnessed growth in Bangladesh, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand & Vietnam.

    Plastic Film Machines